Where to look if you:

want to book a treatment

want to know if what I do is likely to be able to help you or someone you care about. You could:

see where the research is up to about particular conditions; patient categories; or about how osteopathy helps people's bodies;
but you are probably better to contact me directly (details above) to talk about it

have heard about osteopathy or me personally, and you:

have practical questions
have more philosophical questions, or want to read my blog about osteopathy
want to know how I personally go about things

are another osteopath,

wanting to know more about resources, courses or support

John Smartt Osteopath
Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) Master of Osteopathy (UWS)

e: info@smarttosteopath.com
p: 0409-777-604
a: SYDNEY CITY: Suite 12, Level 10, The Dymocks Building, 428 George St Sydney, NSW 2000 (City on-line bookings): Thu, Fri
a: MORTDALE: Mortdale Allied Health, Shop 1, 118 Railway Pde, Mortdale, NSW 2223 (Mortdale on-line bookings): Wed, Sat, Sun

Focussing on helping people with challenging conditions; looking for the causes of ill health; thinking about the connections throughout the body;
freeing up constrictions that stop things working well; and working with the complexity of each individual.